You Have Reached Your Destination

Friday Night

After a slightly interesting drive – we made it to Amish country! About 10 minutes until we were supposed to make it to our destination, we lost GPS service…with no map…in the middle of nowhere. Which is how we ended up on these…

Amish Country 063

Oh yes dirt, gravel roads…I am surprised that the little Ford Focus could handle it! She (the car that is) was flailing around all over the place, I’m actually very surprised that no tires were popped along the way! The dirt roads also lead us to some beautiful landscape…

Amish Country 065

Who knew Ohio could look so beautiful?

After our slight detour, and thankfully GPS signal back on, we made it for our weekend getaway at the White Oak Inn.

Amish Country 095

Amish Country 094

The White Oak Inn is a quaint, picturesque cottage, situated amongst a forested area in NE Ohio. I must say, I was slightly skeptical when we first arrived 1) I was wondering where the heck Amish Country was – all you could see was a wooded area and then bam, our Inn and 2) I didn’t know what the Inn would be like as far as the room, eating situation, etc…Amish Country 076

We hauled our stuff out of the car, checked in with Ian and Yvonne (the Inn Owners) – one of the nicest couples I have met – and headed up to our room. The Cherry Room. A cozy little room with antique furniture and cherry walls, with a binder that described the details of the Inn and the attractions in Amish Country (now I’m thinking, oh good – it does exist!).


Since we got our Inn Package off Living Social, tonight’s delicacy was homemade chocolate cake and milk. Mmm Mm – I saved up for this one! No frosting, but it didn’t need it – the cake was rich and baked with chocolate chips inside.

Amish Country 069Amish Country 070

Chocolate Cake and Milk

Maybe it was the drive or the chocolate cake and milk, but within an hour, we were out! I slept sound until the morning – some of the best nights rest I’ve gotten in awhile!


After a restful nights sleep, Steve and I were anticipating the day ahead. We had filled out our breakfast card the night before for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with coffee…although we still weren’t too sure what to expect.

Amish Country 075

We went down to the living area, got some coffee and join about 10 other people as we waited to be escorted into the dining room.

Amish Country 077

How cute are these mugs though?! In love!

Amish Country 081

The tables were situated into groups of 6…so as we sat down to eat, we socialized with some other couples, who thankfully didn’t know what to expect either.

Breakfast Menu:

  • Fruit Assortment: Cantaloupe, Grape, and Kiwi
  • Pumpkin Raisin Muffins
  • Choice of: Spinach and Tomato Strata with Peppered Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes, or for those who couldn’t decide a 50/50 plate.

Amish Country 082Amish Country 083

Amish Country 087

Amish Country 092

The entire breakfast was Ah-mazing!! The fruit was ripe and in season; I could taste the fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden in the strata; and the pancakes were so light and fluffy! I even ate the bacon…oh yes…ME! I never eat bacon and really don’t care for it, but “when in Amish country…” It was crunchy and topped with fresh pepper – Steve knew that if I thought it was good – it HAD to be good! But, my favorite had to be the pumpkin raisin muffins. I absolutely LOVE pumpkin, plus they were so moist, flavorful, and right out of the oven.

Now that we were fully filled up…we were off to Amish Country, through a self-guided tour…”Eat Your Way through Amish Country”…



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